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My name is Kristine Frank


I have been working as a makeup artist for over 23 years. After paying my dues in the retail world, I started my own business in 2000. I have had the great fortune to work with, and on, some very incredible people. I have worked in movies, TV and print. My editorial work has been published in more that 30 magazines around the world. I have also worked extensively in the corporate arena. 

In 2004, while doing makeup for executives at a corporate meeting, I was asked to stay on and help with talent wrangling and backstage management. I loved it and another dimension to my business was born - stage management and production assistance! Since that day, I have worked hard and I have built an extensive client base. I have had the opportunity to work with dynamic people and I have traveled the world with wonderful clients.


I have worked on shows for 60 people...

And shows for 6000 people...

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Phone: 602-538-2604

E-mail: kris@kristinefrank.com

Instagram: @_mrsfrank

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